Goodbye Ties

chris jackson getty images.jpg

Chris Jackson, Getty Images, retrieved from the New York Times

According to an article in the New York Times written by Vanessa Friedman, many politicians are beginning to loosen the knot, if you will. This phenomenon is not only present in the United States, but around the globe!

In Trump vs. the Disappearing Tie, the article by Friedman, US President Barack Obama is seen on several occasions without a tie. This includes the photo of our tie-less leader standing alongside Prince William and Prince Harry in London, who are both sporting an absent tie.

In addition to the meeting with the royals, Mr. Obama did not wear a tie to the press conference where he announced the death of Antonin Scalia, nor did he wear a tie for the opening dinner with Xi Jinping, president of China.

John Ortved of the Wall Street journal, author of The Tie Is Dead (Long Live the Tie), spoke to Eric Jennings, Vice President and men’s fashion director at Saks Fifth Ave.

Jennings said, “The tie is definitely not dead. It’s just not a growing business at the moment.”

Ortved also gathered some information that suggests the opposite from the market research firm NPD Group. The statistics show that by 2008, annual ties sales in the U.S. had dropped to $677.7 million dollars from a record high of $1.3 billion in 1995.

Vivian Giang of Business Insider wrote an article titled Is President Obama Killing the Neck Tie Business? In this article she investigated the state of the tie business during the time period of the disappearing tie in politics. What she found was some pop up companies like Tie Society allow people to borrow ties and return them when they are finished.

The tie is a classic menswear accessory and while I doubt it will ever disappear completely, the facts show that its popularity is fading and with it, a time of class.


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